Job Description

Date posted: January 11, 2022

Job Description

  • Serve as the primary point of contact on workforce management policies
  • Serve as subject-matter expert on workforce optimization issues
  • Responsible for reporting data management activities around employee schedules
  • Improve processes and increase efficiency of operations by recommending necessary changes
  • Responsible for the tracking and consolidation of attendance and plotted leaves every cutoff period.


Qualification Requirement

  • Education: Require Bachelor’s degree with combined with 1-3 years of call center experience
  • Knowledge: Possess knowledge or relevant experience scheduling, real time management and reporting. Also require the ability to summarize, visualize, and present data. It is also vital that they possess knowledge of key call center metrics, including expected occupancy, utilization, service levels, handle time, abandonment rate, and ASA. They must also possess benchmarking and trending experience
  • Computer skills: Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Office, in order to store data, create reports, produce schedules and perform other tasks.
  • Analytical skills: Have analytical skills essentially for reviewing information, analyzing data, and making appropriate recommendations for improvement
  • Communication skills: With good communication skills to ensure that employees are kept informed of developments effectively, and to ensure that all appropriate staff are aware of issues
  • Organizational skills: Requires to establish an efficient workplace environment, therefore, it is important that they are able to manage a range of tasks and prioritize their responsibilities, and meet deadlines
  • Self-starter/Teamwork abilities: Workforce analyst must be able to work independently as well as function effectively as a member of a team
  • Ability to handle pressure: With ability to work effectively in a fast-pace situation and to handle stress, as well as to adapt to rapid changes in information, process, direction, or immediate workflow.
  • Flexibility: Should be flexible with schedule and willing to report during holiday and will able to cover the staffing during business needs.

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